Friday, April 1, 2011

Cincy Homeschool Convention

This weekend I am attending the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Aaron is attending the Great Banquet Mens weekend in Decatur. The boys, they are with grandparents, and of course...Lydia is with me. I have enjoyed this time of refreshing after a time of chaos. For those of you who don't know...we moved again! Aaron had an opportunity that we just couldn't refuse, so we packed up and moved. He has been in Northern Indiana since December, traveling home on the weekends, until a few weeks ago when we closed on our new "project". It is a foreclosure and was a steal of a deal, so we snatched it up and are painting, cleaning, etc. SOOO, a weekend away is certainly welcomed! I am enjoying exploring curriculum programs and sitting in on seminars and enjoying it a lot. Since Aaron and I made the decision, that homeschooling is the right decision for our family, I have been looking online at materials--It has been neat to see them in person and explore some I didn't even know existed. I am thankful for my own educational training and can't wait to get started. Today I purchased just a few items, as I am mostly getting ideas and exploring this weeknd, I purchased 3 items from the Toddler/PreSchool materials that My Father's World produces. My kids love music, so of course I bought WeeSing Bible Songs, a new Bible Verses CD by Steve Green called Hide It In Your Heart, and some PreSchool Activity Cards (to use with some materials that I have). I am so excited to get home and use them.

Our new home has a garden area and I am so excited to grow starts and plant our veggies this year. We will be watching things grow, make a book about how God grows things, and doing a lot of canning and freezing. There is no TV connected in our new home, so long days will be spent outside.

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Homestead Living said...

It was a pleasure meeting you over the weekend. You have a beautiful family. Blessing to you.