Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's Tot School

Today we got out some new "school" items, it's really not school...just a play that is more structured and new!  I have been working to put together some Montessori centers so that the boys could have some more structured play on their rugs.  I love this!  It gave me a lot of ideas!  

Here's what we were doing today!

 We affectionately call this one spooning, it is sorting pastel colored pompons with a large spoon--
This one is Silas' favorite!
I bought all of the pompons, the little bowls, the spoon, and the silver trays at the Dollar Tree. 

 This one is just moving one pompon over at a time into a different bowl--they are just learning to use their fingers in a new way.  I have two different pairs of tongs and plan to get a smaller, easier pair...this one is harder for them.  But, they loved trying! The only thing I had to buy for this one is the pompons...everything else is from my kitchen.
 This is our spaghetti sorting...putting the spaghetti into the small holes of a Parmesan cheese shaker and salt and pepper shakers that I also purchased at the Dollar Tree. 

I found some great cutting pages on a Montessori website--I plan on putting them on a tray for tomorrow! 

Our Easter memory verse this year is Matthew 28:6--"He is not here; He has risen, just as he said..."  Hopefully they'll have it memorized by Easter morning!  Have a blessed week!


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