Monday, April 18, 2011

Menu Planning Monday

This is a short menu week for me I am only planning through Friday--due to our Easter plans. 

Monday- Tonight I am making Chili, it was on the menu for last week--but due to my headache and my husband's frozen pizza rescue, I'm making it tonight--with cornbread!

Tuesday- Roast with potatoes and carrots, celery and onions.  I am using meat from a 1/2 cow we split with Aaron's parents.  I put it all in the crock pot, sprinkle liberally with steak seasoning and seasoned salt and add some water.  My crock pot is very hot, so I watch it and add more water if needed. 

Wednesday-This week, we're eating at home--Chicken Enchiladas with Philadelphia Cooking Cream. 

Thursday- Island BBQ Tilapia, couscous that I bought in Shipshewana, and salads.

Friday-Salads, with blackened chicken on top. 

I plan on making resurrection rolls sometime this weekend with our kids.
I also have some ripe bananas and plan on making our family recipe for banana bread this week to...I'll share that sometime this week. 

What are you making for dinner this week?

Blessings to you,


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