Friday, April 22, 2011

Largest Loser at our old YMCA I participated in their Get-Fit Challenge and did well loosing some weight, and getting more in shape.  I have a LOT to loose, so after we moved here, I started going to the Y on Tuesday nights and riding a bike (I can watch The Biggest Loser and get some miles in).  Aaron convinced me to participate with him in the Tour De Doughnut this year, which is about 30 miles--and one day of the Hilly Hundred, which is about 50 miles.  He is also trying to cut time from his Century and has his own goals for the year.  Since about a week after we moved, I have been going to the Y and getting my miles in--and Aaron gets everyone in bed and works at home those nights.  Our new Y has a program similar to the other one I participated in, The Largest Loser, and I decided I needed the motivation.  Our first weigh in was this week and I was not looking forward to it.  The good news is that I had maintained my weight loss from the first challenge!  Yesterday was the fitness assessment and it was tough...I would compare it to the fitness testing you did in school--but in school I was much more in shape all of those years ago.  Then, I heard many people saying we'll see you in the morning--I thought that was strange, as the group I signed up for had classes every day, but in the evenings.  So, I decided I would luck would have it I was wrong! The classes are in the evening on Tuesday and Thursday and at 5:30, yes 5:30 in the morning Monday, Wednesday, and Friday...yuck! I have worked so hard to get my kids to sleep until 8 or 8:30 and was very disappointed in finding this out--however I am committed to the program, and it will probably be very good for me! So, this morning I rolled my already sore, behind out of bed to go to the Y when my alarm went off at 5:00--in the morning, just need to say that again for emphasis--in the morning.  We did some circuit training and it was good.  I came right home afterwards and then Aaron went to work. 

Yesterday was a better day temperature wise for us, it was finally in the 50's and we hooked up the bike trailer for Lydia and the boys pedaled their little hearts out for at least a mile after we had eaten our dinner.  They love their bikes and all I can say, is that it is a good thing they wear helmets, because they love to fall! They are sooo funny! Hope you had a productive, exercise filled week like we did! Have a blessed Easter!

Love and Blessings to you,


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