Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vera Bradley, Tacos, and More

Today was absolutely an amazing day! I got up at the crack of dawn, mind you my kids sleep til at least 8:00 every day--most of the time 8:30, to go shopping! Today was the Vera Bradley outlet sale in Ft. Wayne and I dragged my kids out at 6:30 this morning to go. It was soooo fun. Aaron helped me get them up and put them in the van and I took their clothes to change them once we got there. I had tickets for the 7:30 to 10:00 session and didn't plan to get there until about 8:00--so I didn't have to fight the crowd. I got myself a new diaper bag and a backpack...and did a little Christmas shopping while I was out. It was really a blast and my kids were so well behaved. I am so totally a homebody...I really love to be at home, in my house (or outside) playing with my kids, etc...and I often get in a rhythm of just staying home, mostly because it is easier. But today I was reminded how polite and well behaved my kids are and that going out isn't that big of a deal anymore. I still take a long and use my triple stroller--because I would be crazy not to--but the boys are GREAT helpers and so eager to please. I have to remind myself over and over to not focus on a schedule but to embrace each moment with my kids and have fun....sometimes I get a little too schedule oriented. (good lesson for all aspects of my life too) Afterwards, we did a little more running around--Target, JC Penney for Lydia's 8 month pictures, and Sam's Club before we came home. There was some major construction going on outside of Sam's today--road construction--so when we were done shopping I pulled over there close and the boys watched the tractors, dump trucks and track hoes while I nursed. They had so much fun and was the highlight of their day.

Monday night, when Aaron came home, I had on the menu to make tacos. However, I had a huge headache--and when I got up to make dinner I realized he was already warming the oven to put a frozen pizza in. I have an absolutely amazing husband! So, yesterday was our taco night. I thought I'd go ahead and share what I do for tacos because my method has developed over time and we really enjoy them!

1 lb ground beef or turkey ( I am using up the 1/2 cow we got, so I used beef)
After it is browned (with our without onions) add taco seasoning as you would usually do and reduce the water.
Here is my twist though--after that, add one can of nacho Campbell's cooking soup or 1 can of the cheddar (if I use cheddar, I also tend to throw in a couple of heaping tablespoons of salsa) AND one can of black beans rinsed (I always have these in my cabinets...they are a great staple item!)
I let this simmer and it will be kind of thick, but oohhh so yummy!

While that is cooking, I cook up some brown rice (yes, I said brown rice) I really like a restaurant that uses rice in it's burritos, tacos, etc...and tried it once and have never looked back.

When we assemble tacos, it is lettuce, rice, meat mixture, top with cheese, tomatoes or salsa, you get the picture. To my boys...they don't get taco shells...i just pile lettuce, meat mixture, rice, and cheese on their big plate and let them dip chips in it. They LOVE it! I use my leftovers for lunch the next day and either do Taco Salads or quesadillas or Taco Pizzas on wheat flour tortillas. Don't forget the rice in all of those too!

I hope you'll try my variation on Tacos sometime soon! and I hope your day was as blessed as mine!

Love and Blessings,


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