Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Planning Monday

When I first got married I was very devoted to my menu plan. Even to the point of pouring over it for hours and often scouring through every recipe I have ever clipped to come up with the exact right mix. However, I got a little more lenient when the boys were born...just writing down something to write it down (Yes, I am the person who writes a list, then writes down the things she has just done, to add them to the list, so that she feels more accomplished. I'm not afraid to admit that--it's just who I am) and I piddled at scribbling down menu items on my calendar. Until December of last year 2009 when everything went down the drain in an effort to pack and prepare to move. There were more freezer meals and eating out, especially when Aaron moved ahead of us for 5 months, and less planning and saving money. Six weeks after that move was completed we had Lydia, and in those few weeks between moving, unpacking, and having a baby, my mom and I cooked up a storm and had a whole slew of freezer meals in the freezer and ready to go. SIX and a half months after move #1 we made move #2 and, staying in the same state, moved 3.5 hours away from our new the place my children affectionately call our "new, new house". It was just an offer we couldn't refuse. Last week, wanting to get back on track, and take a break from unpacking--I created a menu has totally been at least a year since I did that, and am SO excited! So this week, I am joining Menu Planning Monday at I'm An Organizing Junkie and actually posting my menu!

Here is the VERY simple menu plan I have come up with for this week:

Monday: Tacos--I know easy, but later I'll come back and show you how I make tacos not so ordinary
Tuesday: Chili--I must admit, this is just for ease...
Wednesday: Bennigan's Night--they have $7.00 hamburgers and we love this place
Thursday: Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken--have never made this, but am excited to!
Friday: Pizza night--Homemade pizza crust, and all of the fixin's
Saturday: Chicken Cacciatore--I have made this a thousand times, it seems and usually double or triple it so I have some for the freezer!
Sunday: Hamburger Vegetable Soup--a family recipe, that 'll share later this week too!

All in all, a very simple week! How is your week shaping up?


Christan said...

Looks good! Will be interested to try some of your recipes! I love freezer meals...when I have time to make them!

Shawna said...

You have had an extremely busy year girl!

Your recipes sound delish! Cant wait to hear how you make your tacos. (They are on my menu as well)

Ms said...

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