Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shipshewana Saturday!

Today our family had a great time going to Shipshewana, you know...Amish Country, Indiana.  It is only about a 1/2 hour from our house and totally worth the drive. Our plan for the day was to check out some Amish furniture stores to price furniture so we would know how much to save toward getting a super sturdy, Amish made table and chairs.  Our current ones still work, but not for long.  We walked into our first store...and I found the one I was absolutely perfect AND amazing...only problem was--today it was $7,000!  If I waited until their open house in a couple weeks, I could get it for around $5,000.  I had a very hard time walking away, we were only window shopping in the first place, but I was in love.  I should have taken a picture, but didn't think about it--if  you're up here and have $5,000-$7,000 to spare, it is at Lambright Woodworking and it is totally worth the drive to check out.  After I came back from my dream world--we left, after eyeing some fantastic potential Christmas presents for the boys, and headed to the popcorn shop.  The boys loved it and ate every piece of their free bag of popcorn!  We asked the ladies there where the best place to buy furniture was, and they suggested another place down the road.  It was much smaller, but great quality--and they'd customize, and the prices were MUCH more down to earth! So I walked away knowing the type of table I wanted, and chairs, and benches, and I even picked out the finish. It was a good size and even had 4 leaf inserts.  Now to save for it!  It will be a TON easier when we sell our previous house, we need to sell it yesterday!  But I'm in no hurry to purchase the table...I'm still unpacking BIG time!  After finishing our furniture window shopping, we went to a bulk foods was SO much fun--all kinds of great things! I took a picture of the things we got there--we got Organic Bread Flour (there were so many to choose from), Pizza Dough Mix, Chicken Broth Powder (this was a seconds item in the back), a big bag of pretzels, cinnamon butter, rice cakes, couscous with chives and saffron, garlic salt (because we were out and it was CHEAP!), coloring books for the boys, and some yummy black bean salsa (if anyone out there has a good recipe for black bean salsa, I would love to have it!).  From there, we went to Guggisberg Cheese Factory, and then had lunch at the Essen Haus.  All in all, it was a fantastic, casual, family day and we all had a great time!
These buggies were all at the bulk foods store...I can't believe I forgot to take a pic of their sign or something!

These buggies were at a flea market...there were TONS of them there!

This is the cheese factory.

...and our finds for the day!

Today in my mailbox came a 10 sample bag of Tide Stain Release that I signed up for on their facebook page. Along with a detergent sample and coupon.  As well as samples of miracle whip that I signed up for on their website too!  It was kind of fun--so I decided it was definitely picture worthy! 

I am also posting a picture of our garden starts just over one week after planting them!  They are doing SO well!  This morning Silas came in the room to look at them with me and after I opened it, he got so excited to "See what God did last night"!  He called Levi in and they were both mesmerized.  They both were going on about what God did and how we are going to eat the plants...they have awesome faith and I LOVE watching them so taken by God.  I pray that they will always be so amazed by what He has done!  Our little planting project fits so well into this Easter season, so remember today to-- "Look what God has done!"

Blessings to you and yours,


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