Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Garden

Before we moved, I had told Aaron that I really wanted to plant a garden this year. Last year, moving and being pregnant didn't really leave a whole lot of time (or energy) for that sort of thing. So, when I found out that our new house had a garden area...I was elated! I started planning in my head from day 1 and have such huge plans for this garden...I am not sure if it will live up to the expectation. Last week, we took the first step in planting our garden...we planted our seeds in an indoor green house. They have really grown a lot and every morning the boys run up to check and see what "God has done". I am really using this opportunity to teach the boys that our God does amazing things, we even plan on making a picture book of our adventure when we are done. Here are some pictures from our adventure so far!
The greenhouses came with little compressed "dirt"so before we could begin, we had to "decompress" it...the boys LOVED this step! The last picture is our planted seeds...approximately 5 min after planting.

This last picture is Levi--coming from the garden his Garden boots, no longer "rain" or "cow boy" boots...They have all of their tractors in there and have been having a blast bulldozing, scooping, and dumptrucking it!

Love and Blessings to all,


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