Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Greater Is He Women's Home

Decatur Area Friends,
We have a friend, Angie Corrigan, who is the founder of Greater Is He Women's Home in Decatur.  They will be a transitional home there in Decatur...the women will be paroled from the prison in Decatur--and will be moving in its first residents in May. Below there is a list of needs...if you are able to meet those needs once, or on a monthly basis..that would be amazing!  I think it would be fantastic if we could all shower this home with the love of Jesus and bless these women as they begin anew.  If you find a good deal on a toiletry item once, or are cleaning out your home, or your cabinets...please keep this ministry in mind!  Contact info is listed on their website, and they also do have a facebook group.  I spoke with Angie today and she also requested donations of notebooks or journals for the women to use in their Bible Study, computer/printer paper, and writing utensils.  If I find out there is need of anything else, I'll post it!  Thanks in advance for your kindness and compassion for these women and your giving hearts!

How You Can Help...

Proposed Monthly Budget & Need:
Rent/Mortgage     $500
Utilities                   $250
Insurance               $250
Housemother        $1000
Daytime Staff        $800
Groceries/Misc     $600
TOTAL BUDGET $3,400--You can give online on the website too!

Every person's support is vital to the home, no matter how much or little!
Volunteer Services Needed:
Bible Study facilitators (no experience needed)
Care Team (each woman will have a specific team to help her meet initial needs upon release: transportation to Dr checkups, getting her ID card, copies of birth cert, clothing, etc.)
Musicians/bands/singers to lead worship
Those who can share talents or skills on Saturdays for special projects & events (i.e. sewing, cooking, manicures, painting)
Donations/Items Needed:
Toiletry items
Kitchen items
Media (TV's, radios, DVD players, Christian books/CDs/DVD/movies)
Notebooks & pens
Health items (hand weights, fitness DVDs, workout equipment)
Blessings to you!

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