Saturday, May 30, 2009

I like Dave Ramsey and his insights and I thought I would post this, which was sent in an email I got today...check out his site here.

Dave's Thoughts On Vacations
Dave's Thoughts On Vacations

This month, one of Dave's radio show listeners emailed to get some advice:

We have a few thousand saved up for a trip this summer as a way to reward ourselves for working so diligently on our debt snowball lately. We deserve a break! Should we go? Is now the best time?

What did Dave say?

Waaaahhhh! I didn’t go on vacation for two years while I was cleaning up my mess. Listen, your life has been a trip to the beach. Now it’s time to clean up your mess! I’m not saying that you should never go on a vacation. Just don’t go when you’re $20,000 in debt! Suck it up and live like no one else now so later you can live like no one else. That’s what I did. Now I can go to the beach any time I want! You’ve got to break this cycle in your head that you deserve stuff. None of us deserve squat. Listen to the radio show clip here.

Traveling somewhere for a vacation is a luxury, not a necessity. We must remember that. So many people don’t understand the difference. And whoever said you have to travel and spend lots of money on a vacation? Ever heard of a “staycation”? It’s a vacation from everyday life where you stay close to home—what a novel idea! You can be a hometown tourist, spend extra quality time with your family, and forget about work for a while. If you’re still working on your debt snowball, this is the way to go.

If you’re out of debt, have the money saved, and have planned your vacation, by all means, go! Go now while the sale light is on! You’ve sacrificed, and your hard work and dedication have literally paid off. Let me remind you that everything is on sale big time! And if you pay with cash, you’re more likely to get even greater deals!

Don’t fall for the line that the economy will slump if you don’t do your part by traveling this summer. That is completely absurd. The economy will continue to improve regardless of how you choose to spend a few days off. Once again, you have to be a mature adult and do what’s best for you.

Whether you’re going on a Mediterranean cruise or grilling out at the neighborhood park, you can have an absolute blast on vacation this summer. It’s all about your attitude and staying within your budget. Don’t be like the family below who lets their vacation follow them home!

The Boys!

I just wanted to add a couple of recent pictures of the boys!
They are amazing!


Among other things, today I stocked my freezer with strawberries for the next year. Last year, while in the hospital, my mother in law did some for me and they were great to have all year long. So, this year I was inspired! I cut and froze about 20 cups of strawberries in 10, 2 cup portions for eating throughout the year. Tomorrow I plan to make freezer jam. This will be my first attempt at this, but my mom did it when we were little and we used it as syrup to go with our pancakes. I found this great post on making freezer jam and it seemed easy enough! Kroger had the pectin in the packets, I prepared my strawberries and will finish up the process tomorrow! Check out the post that inspired my freezer jam here:

Then, I went to the blog of the author and I found all kinds of great information on canning, freezing, and was a great blog! The link for that blog is:

I can't wait to look through this blog and also use it as a resource when my garden is ready to harvest!

A couple end of the Week Freebies!

Free Burt's Bees Lip Balm--1,000 every day for 25 days

Burt's Bees is giving away 1,000 free Burt's Bees beeswax lip balms every day for the next 25 days. Go here:

to sign up for this fun freebie!

Country Time money-maker

Country time
Through June 2, 2009, if you buy any two Country Time drink mixes at Kroger (on sale at $1 each at most stores), you'll get a $1 catalina coupon to use on your next purchase. Buy 2 and use this $1.50/2 coupon


and you'll end up getting both free plus $0.50 overage after the coupon, sale, and $1 catalina.

This catalina deal is likely also running at other stores. If you know it's running at yours, leave a comment to let us know.

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Let's just start off with the list

1. Two Toddlers
2. Lots of bugs
3. 2 parents
4. 2 grandparents (reinforcements)
5. 2 tents
6. a campfire
7. port a potties
8. a long drive...

I actually don't think I need to say more than that...but... an attempt to be a mom that lets her boys be boys...we decided to go camping and hiking last weekend in Southern Illinois. This definitely wasn't my first time camping...I have really camped a lot...just not since we've had kids. The ticks and bugs were mother in law found three ticks on her when we got home...not to mention the ones she found while we were there...that didn't find a place to nestle in. A plus to this whole trip was that my sister lives down there and set up our tent for us and all we had to do when we got there was set up two pack and plays and put the boys know to keep them off of the ground, and away from the bugs! Right off the bat, Aaron thought I was hilarious! So, in the heat and mugginess, we decided to go on a hike...can you say SNAKE! I would have expected to see small little snakes or bugs, but this one, I couldn't even put my finger/thumb around and connect them! It was big! SO...right there, my hike was over. So, we went back to the camp site to start a fire and cook dinner...I doubt I have ever been so paranoid...I strapped the boys in the stroller and put them in their high chair things to keep them off the ground. I am not great with fire anyway, but come on...2 toddlers and a fire seem like an accident waiting to happen. My sister came by with her husband and I needed a few minutes, so after the boys went to bed, we went into town to get bread and cherry pie filling for the pie irons. We ended up going by her house just so I could shower! It was nice. After an evening of pie and a campfire, we went to bed...or floor...whatever you would like to call it. It was not a good sleeping ground and was sticky/muggy all night long. I the morning it was boys back in the high chairs and then I made my plea...lets go rummaging! ( I had seen some signs on the way in...and was just ready to get out of the woods) Despite my attempts, Aaron was not about to let us go rummaging but he did concede, what a wonderful husband! We packed up camp and headed to a really neat park we saw on the way was a neat castle. Then after lunch with my sister and her husband...we headed home!

My conclusion from this trip...camping is not for me, toddlers, me when there are lots of bugs, get my drift. It was nice to be together as a family and I do look forward to lots of great trips with the boys...just in a hotel and a pool!

Some good deals and coupons this week!

Sun Season...this is a good coupon!

$3/1 Coppertone coupon
If you go here:
and click on the coupon link on the bottom, it should print correctly for you.

I like 3M are some good coupons at this link:

Kashi Waffles:
I haven't checked the price at Kroger, but at WalMart these are $1.04 per box when you use the coupon $2.54 without...there are two coupon links and you can print from both of them twice so...4 boxes of waffles for less than the full price of 2!

Don't forget to use those Kraft coupons on some good deals at multiple stores and to join vocalpoint while you are there printing the Kashi coupon!

This link will take you to FREE the details online...Every Friday til September:

I haven't done this yet, but intend to try it out!
Photo Books {Etc.}: Free Photo Book ($4.95 shipping)

Photo Books {Etc.} is currently offering a free 20-page photo book. Shipping is only $4.95. Go here:
for more details.

Check out the nine free-after-rebate items available at Menards this week here:

Go here:
to print a coupon for a free 8x10 portrait collage ($29.99 value) with no session fee from Sears Portraits. Offer expires 6/2/09.

Kraft Cheese...GREAT coupons!
Two links equals 4 good coupons which equals cheap cheese!

Don't forget to look at this week for good coupons and for more great deals!

Have a blessed week!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free Hot Dogs!

Free Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs!

Oscar Mayer knows economic times are tough, so they're offering a coupon for Free Oscar Mayer Beef Franks! Hurry though ~ I'm sure these will go fast! Click here to sign up for your coupon. (Thanks Money Saving Mom!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monical's Pizza

just one more thing...
if you like Monical's Pizza, go to and sign up for their dippin club and use promotion code DM0509 and receive a voucher for a free bottle of Monical's sweet and tart dressing!

Coupon deals!

Hopefully you got to go to last week and print off 2 of each of those Kraft
coupons. If you go to also, you can print off 2 more of you four. If you didn't do it last is not too late! The info from last week is at the bottom of this email for link info. Also, You can use many of these coupons this week at Target! Target has online coupons weekly and then lets these two websites "host" their coupons so, you can print them off as many times as you would like. Then you can use double coupons at Target this week. Many of those same Kraft items have Target coupons this week, so check out these websites for Target coupons and you can use one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon together for the same item.

You can get the ritz items, mayo, dressing, wheat thins, cheese, crystal light and kool aid, etc...GREAT DEALS!

Last week' s Email: :this website has lots of coupons on there this week...go through them and print off 2 of each..i use this concept when printing off coupons...if I would use it, if it were cheap...then I print it off. Hit the back button on your browser to print off the second time and then save them...they are high dollar coupons, so you need to do it very soon! If you wait they may not be there anymore. Combined with a sale, these items would be very cheap and very affordable.
Then...go here:

and print off 2 of each cereal coupon you would use if free or cheap...

This weeks deal so far...
Walgreens: Kellogs Cereal---not all types, just Special K, Kashi, and Smart start...If you printed off two of the Special K coupons and the Kashi coupon from, you will be able to get a good deal on these. Thepromotion is this...3 boxes for $10, which isn't a good deal, but if you have the $1.00 coupons and use one per box then, that is $3.00 off. Then, when you check out Walgreens will give you back $3.00 in register rewards, which is a coupon off the purchase of anything in the store...diapers,milk,etc... You can turn around and use it then on another purchase or wait til next week or so (depending on the expiration date) to see what else comes up... That is like $6.00 off and about 1.33 per box of name brand cereal...I don't spend more than $1.50 so that is a good deal!

If you have time this week, also go to

They will email or snail mail you offers for free products/coupons that are really great...I got a coupon from voacalpoint for free frosted mini wheats last week and the new kashi frozen waffles, too and I got a coupon for a free Digorno flat bread melt on the kraft site. One last thing...
Try these websites for coupons that go right onto your Kroger have to load them and sign up your card, but they send you reminders when they have new coupons up and just go load them then. My Kroger doubles coupons upto $.50 and you can use these coupons in addition to those manufacturers coupons...they just come off, you don't have to do anything. Read about the programs before you sign up...I use them and they work...

U Promise is a bit different but still worthwhile to
me...check it out too!