Saturday, May 30, 2009


Among other things, today I stocked my freezer with strawberries for the next year. Last year, while in the hospital, my mother in law did some for me and they were great to have all year long. So, this year I was inspired! I cut and froze about 20 cups of strawberries in 10, 2 cup portions for eating throughout the year. Tomorrow I plan to make freezer jam. This will be my first attempt at this, but my mom did it when we were little and we used it as syrup to go with our pancakes. I found this great post on making freezer jam and it seemed easy enough! Kroger had the pectin in the packets, I prepared my strawberries and will finish up the process tomorrow! Check out the post that inspired my freezer jam here:

Then, I went to the blog of the author and I found all kinds of great information on canning, freezing, and was a great blog! The link for that blog is:

I can't wait to look through this blog and also use it as a resource when my garden is ready to harvest!

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