Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Let's just start off with the list

1. Two Toddlers
2. Lots of bugs
3. 2 parents
4. 2 grandparents (reinforcements)
5. 2 tents
6. a campfire
7. port a potties
8. a long drive...

I actually don't think I need to say more than that...but... an attempt to be a mom that lets her boys be boys...we decided to go camping and hiking last weekend in Southern Illinois. This definitely wasn't my first time camping...I have really camped a lot...just not since we've had kids. The ticks and bugs were mother in law found three ticks on her when we got home...not to mention the ones she found while we were there...that didn't find a place to nestle in. A plus to this whole trip was that my sister lives down there and set up our tent for us and all we had to do when we got there was set up two pack and plays and put the boys know to keep them off of the ground, and away from the bugs! Right off the bat, Aaron thought I was hilarious! So, in the heat and mugginess, we decided to go on a hike...can you say SNAKE! I would have expected to see small little snakes or bugs, but this one, I couldn't even put my finger/thumb around and connect them! It was big! SO...right there, my hike was over. So, we went back to the camp site to start a fire and cook dinner...I doubt I have ever been so paranoid...I strapped the boys in the stroller and put them in their high chair things to keep them off the ground. I am not great with fire anyway, but come on...2 toddlers and a fire seem like an accident waiting to happen. My sister came by with her husband and I needed a few minutes, so after the boys went to bed, we went into town to get bread and cherry pie filling for the pie irons. We ended up going by her house just so I could shower! It was nice. After an evening of pie and a campfire, we went to bed...or floor...whatever you would like to call it. It was not a good sleeping ground and was sticky/muggy all night long. I the morning it was boys back in the high chairs and then I made my plea...lets go rummaging! ( I had seen some signs on the way in...and was just ready to get out of the woods) Despite my attempts, Aaron was not about to let us go rummaging but he did concede, what a wonderful husband! We packed up camp and headed to a really neat park we saw on the way was a neat castle. Then after lunch with my sister and her husband...we headed home!

My conclusion from this trip...camping is not for me, toddlers, me when there are lots of bugs, get my drift. It was nice to be together as a family and I do look forward to lots of great trips with the boys...just in a hotel and a pool!

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