Friday, June 10, 2011


If you know me, and have seen me recently, let's say the last 10 months or most likely have seen me wearing a lot, if not mostly skirts.  It has been a conscious effort on my part...after much prayer and discussion with my wear skirts as an example of femininity and modesty to our children.  I have enjoyed it a lot, and even though I do not exclusively wear skirts, I wear work out clothes to go to the Y to exercise and ride bikes, I have recently enjoyed reading a series put together by The Modest Mom and Raising Arrows, called She Wears Skirts.  I struggled with how to stay warm this winter, and have really enjoyed the practical tips and info I have read.  Today, I am linking up with them to show just a few of the ways I like to wear skirts.  Some of my photos are was hard to find photos of myself, but I hope you will take a look at the series and let me know what you think too!  Blessings to you,


 This picture is old, but I still wear both pieces..I really like the length of the denim skirt (my husband bought it for me and surprised me!)
 This is family photo from a couple of years ago...prior to Lydia's arrival...I often wear cardigans to cover bare shoulders or a lower neckline.
 This was our Christmas photo shoot December 2009...the black dress is actually a strapless, empire waste dress from Old Navy that I ALWAYS wear a sweater over.  It is very comfortable fabric and I wore it through my entire pregnancy with Lydia!

 I had to search high and low for a long dress that would work for a pregnant woman....they were just hard to find.  The dress above isn't actually maternity and I wore it for Easter and Aaron's Sister's Wedding while Pregnant with Lydia. I still wear it often...I love it! (the bottom one is while I was pregnant with Lydi...the top one is just after her birth)
 Even though you can't tell, the brown dress is a great length...mid-calf...and very comfortable...I'm almost done nursing, so I can wear it again soon!
The above dress was one I ordered for Easter this year...on the model in the magazine it was short and Aaron mentioned he thought it may be too short, but I am short--so it ended up fitting nicely!

Be Blessed!


Amy Jo said...

I enjoyed your week of dresses. You have a lovely family!

lisa said...

thanks for sharing, amanda. you have a beautiful family! :)

Homestead Living said...

I too love wearing skirts. :)

Gail said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures! They are wonderful! :)

Grateful for Grace said...

Oh, your family is just beautiful!

I love your smile.

The tips are great! I never would think of buying a strapless and just having a sweater for it. I'm also new to cardigans.

It's fun seeing other women who have been following the series.


~Heather said...

Great pictures! I wear skirts 99.9% of the time. I do wear pants on rare occasion though. But I find skirts more comfortable, and I just enjoy them much, much more.

You can see my She Wear's Skirts link up post at:

lavender said...

You look very nice indeed!

What a lovely family you have been blessed with.

Amanda said...

Thank you very much ladies! ...and thank you for visiting my blog I hope you'll come back sometime!