Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This week has been a "busy"week for us...I say that in quotes because to the rest of the world we don't even make a dent in a "normal" busy schedule.  Not to say that we don't do anything and sit around on our rumps all day, but we are being intentional about not cluttering our lives with "busy" and "chaos".  Life in and of itself is crazy enough and a family could easily never see each other if they let the "busy" take over too much.  Anyway, yesterday the boys had gymnastics in the morning, then we headed to a strawberry patch to pick some of our own...on the way we passed a garden stand and bought some tomatoes, zucchini, and some green onions, then a workout at the Y.  Today, the boys had their first eye Dr. appointments and passed with flying colors.  Tomorrow, we are going to stay home...(except for my afternoon workout) and cleaning, putting away laundry, doing school, and those other things that make up our day.  Thank goodness! 

I did however get the disk with our most recent family photos in the mail, as promised, here they are...enjoy!

Photos were taken by Elizabeth Highcock--High 5 Photography

Blessings to you and yours,