Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fruit Salad

Because our littles are small and not huge eaters, I can make a good summer side dish and we can eat on it for lunches and dinners for at least a couple of days.  This weeks fruit salad is one of those dishes.  It is super easy to make and is not only good for dinner for your own family, but fantastic for a potluck too!

Fruit Salad

1 container frozen strawberries, and their juice. ( I had some that I froze, I thawed them and threw them in!)
1 can mandarin oranges with about 1/2 their juice
1 can of pineapple drained (my boys loved drinking the pineapple juice)
2 bananas (fairly green so they stay firm)
1 large can of peaches and their syrup
1 large box instant vanilla pudding
(today, since I had them, I also added blueberries)

With this, you simply throw it all in a bowl...I reserve the mandarin orange juice just in case it needs a little more liquid..and mix.  It is better if you chill it first, if you are in a time crunch--which I have been before--just throw it in the freezer to chill until you need it! Happy Summer!

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