Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today was one of those....just perfect... kind of days. Aaron let me sleep in this morning and took the boys right down stairs, so that I could sleep, when they woke up.  He fed them and got them ready for the day.  When I heard Lydia cry...I went in and scooped her out of bed and nursed her in my room.  I just love that time with her.  It is absolutely the thing I will miss most when I wean her...I love the closeness and bonding time we have as she nurses, and I pray for her, tell her stories, etc.  After she nursed Aaron came and took her and let me sleep even longer...which I did...and he got her fed and ready for the day too!  When I got up, he told me that he was taking the boys to the park down the road...and handed me Lydia, who was ready for a nap.  I laid her down, did some quick clean ups of rooms upstairs, made myself breakfast...and ate it checking the internet, and got ready for my was almost too quiet--almost...

Our plans for today were to go on a bike ride...a long when the boys came home from the park (covered in mud from riding through mud/water puddles from last nights rain) and Lydia woke up...we headed off.  My awesome husband is a cyclist...he is fast, puts in lots of miles (he rides on his lunch hour at work with a group of guys) and a REAL cyclist. I, on the other had am when I promised to ride with him this year, although he was pleased that we could ride as a family...he wasn't so thrilled that he really didn't get much exercise when I had to pull Lydia's trailer because he was pulling the boys...and I couldn't keep any speed up, or go as far. So, being the handy man that he is...he (and his dad) welded a contraption to put on the back of the boys trailer so that he could pull both at the same time...thus equalizing the effort he and I were putting out...and not slowing me down anymore than I already am!  Today was the first time we went on a long ride. Alone, or just with the boys, he rides on the country roads around our home...but together we drive to the bike trails, that used to be railroad tracks, about 40 minutes away.  We went there today and road 10 miles out...and 10 miles back.  It is a great trail, with lots of nature and quite a few it doesn't feel too secluded.  We were doing good until, when we were beginning our ride back to the started raining, and then the wind picked up--and was already at our was a hard ride back to the car.  All in all, it was a great day!  I am proud to say our overall mph...was almost 12 mph...and we didn't get too many mosquito bites (the swarmed whenever we stopped for the boys to take a potty break).  We even got to eat at one of our favorite new Mexican Restraunts--it has been hard to find a good authentic one in this new town!  We're ALL pooped and that is a very good thing!  Hope you had an amazing that was blessed with time together as a family, too! 

Love and Blessings,


PS...I'll try to remember to snap a pic of the new trailer "train" sometime soon! 

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Homestead Living said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I just love it when Jeff is good to give me an extra hour of sleep every now and then. Especially since baby still is up 3-4 times at night.