Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A fun trip!

Last Thursday morning I packed up my kiddos for a much needed trip to visit with 2 of my college roommates.  We all live in different states now, but Erica was in town, from Washington, to visit her parents near Chicago, and Laura till lives in northern Illinois.  I had to drive the furthest, but it was well worth it for the time (however short it may have been) to visit with them.  I have enjoyed their friendship over the years and miss them a lot!  On the way, however, the kiddos and I stopped at the Albaneese Candy Factory for some goodies.  We LOVE that place...there is a "chocolate fountain" where chocolate streams from the ceiling and the boys just love it (and I do too)!  I even planned a trip to Ikea, because there just isn't one close enough to me and I LOVE that place and needed quite a few things. We had planned to go to a park to play, but the weather just wasn't cooperating--so we went a mall that had an indoor play area.  It was a short trip, and I had to leave early because of the Chicago traffic on a Friday night, but I am so glad we went.  Here are some pictures of the adventure! Oh, and Lisa (the 4th roommate) we missed you TONS!! I hope to see you sometime too! 

Blessings to you,


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