Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I used to struggle with lunch...always thinking I had to "fix" something.  I often send dinner left-overs with Aaron, so we don't use those for lunches around here.  Macaroni and cheese is one of my favorite lunches, or a grilled cheese sandwich, but my littles don't really love those options.  So, now most of the time I get out the divided dishes and load them up with cheese, veggies, fruit, and a carb--like crackers and just go with it.  Other favorite lunches around here include making a big bowl of Chicken Pasta Salad to eat on all week, or a big bowl of tuna salad.  I also enjoy making a good summer fruit and lettuce salad, though for lunch I usually leave off the chicken.  The boys really LOVE that salad because of all of the fruit.  We also love cottage cheese and tomatoes during the summer, usually served with crackers and I often make chicken quesadillas with pre-cooked chicken from the freezer.  If Silas had his way, we would eat peanut butter and homemade strawberry freezer jam every day...he loves pbj.  When the air conditioning isn't on I might make mini pizzas from tortillias or english muffins. What are you serving for lunch?

Tortillia Shell Pizzas

Blessings to you!


I am linking up today with the 4 moms 35 kids lunches link up on Raising Olives 

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