Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Fourth of July Holiday!

We had lots of company this weekend, Aaron's parents came on Friday night and left after church on Sunday and my mom came Saturday night after work and stayed until Tuesday.  It was a GREAT weekend!

Saturday morning I picked raspberries, black and red ones.  It was really nice to have some time to myself.  I rolled my ankle after a bike ride last Wednesday and wasn't up for the morning ride.  Aaron and his parents went and took the boys.  Our big ride in Staunton, IL is this weekend and I am excited...Tour De we come! 
I froze some berries

Saved some for pie

and made some cupcakes!

After the picking, we loaded up the car and went to Shipshewana.  Rise and Roll bakery has the best cinnamon caramel donuts ever! I love the bulk foods there and I came home with some spices, cheese, and couscous.  We also took a cabinet up there, to a cabinet builder, that needs re-sized.  That evening the boys went with Grandpa and Aaron to watch a go-cart race at a local festival and Linda and I explored the Hallmark store.  It started pouring, so we came home and baked raspberry pie, cupcakes for Sunday's church picnic, and snacked on chips and was a tiring day, but oh so fun!  Sunday we ate pie for wasn't done resting when we all headed to bed.  VERY tasty!  My mother in law, Linda, made the pie crust and talked me through the filling...I had never made berry pie before....and it was amazing.  It would have made a good sauce/topping for the ice cream too!  Then off to church we went.  We really like our new church and our new pastor...he does a phenominal job teaching and engaging. We attended the annual church picnic afterwards and then...Aaron took me on a date...yep that's right folks...we went on a date that started at 2:00pm in the afternoon!  We went to a couple of stores, had dinner, went to some more stores, watched a movie at at $3 movie theater, walked around down town, had dessert, and then came 10:30 pm!  It was a nice relaxing day...even better than some actual get-aways that we have done!

Silas LOVED the water!

Levi, loving the water! I am a HUGE fan of these "swim belts" they give my kiddos more freedom than a traditional life jacket and they know they have to have them on when they are anywhere near water! They are THESE Puddle Jumpers

my mom!

beautiful Lydia!

my handsome husband!

Monday came and we headed to the beach, had a picnic lunch, played in the water and the playground, and then headed home for naps.  I worked in the garden and we watched a movie that night.  Mom stayed through yesterday...and I always love it when she is here --because my laundry is totally caught up when she leaves! Also, we made our second trip to the splash pad for the week and it was a refreshing, fun time too!

What an AMAZING weekend! I hope yours was filled with all kinds of family fun too!

Blessings to you and yours,


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