Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Freezer Cooking

Well, I've been kind of absent for the last week. I meant to have this amazing list of freezer meals I was planning to cook on Saturday, and awe you with my wonderful skills, great deals, and freezer full of food...however... Levi got sick last Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then, I got it..and it totally kicked my but..so out of commission for 2 days. (I think it has gotten worse as it has progressed throughout our family) and now, well yesterday, Lydia got it.  I have been fighting her fever surges at night, and last night couldn't get it below 103...so I took her to the ER.  They did very little and sent us home.  Sometime through the early morning her fever broke and I still did the meds, though not so intensely, all day...put her to bed--with medicine in her--and she woke up an hour later back at 103...again.  So, for the last 4 hours or so I have been praying, and medicating, and consoling, my almost 1 year old, bright, blue eyed little blessing...I hope she feels better before we travel on Wednesday night. I will, hopefully, be able to get her in to see our new Dr. sometime tomorrow...or at least a Doc in a Box...I HATE this fever stuff... I was able to function throughout the day today on very little sleep..that is, until nap time.  Lydia was asleep, I laid down with the boys, and I was out before they were. 

I got a good deal on some reduced meat and had already purchased 8 bags (2 for $10) of Amish Chicken at our local grocery store.  So, I planned a BIG freezer cooking adventure, had planned for the boys to play with daddy a lot on Saturday, and well...that didn't happen (you know, because of my fever).  But, in the meanwhile...meat did have to be dealt with and so I have gotten some done (and hopefully more tomorrow) Here is what I have so far!

Meatloaf (I make these in muffin tins-better portion control, and we don't eat a whole loaf pan right now, so it goes farther if I do it this way...I LOVE the recipe I use and will hopefully share it soon.) I have 24 meatloaf muffins right now.

Salisbury Steak (my mother in law's recipe) 3 different meals worth.

Lasagna:  4--8 by 8 or 9 by 9 pans...we just don't get a 9 by 13 eaten, so I don't cook that much at one time--right now at least.

3 bags, 1 pound each of cooked ground beef with onion for Spaghetti.

3 bags, 1 pound each of cooked ground beef with onion and Taco Seasoning.

Chicken Parsiene--from my new book.

Tater Tot casserole, 1 batch, hopefully it will make 2 pans worth..I just need to throw it into the pans and flash freeze it :)

I have quite a few chicken dishes to throw together, but they seem less labor intensive than all of the ground beef dishes.  They are all from my new book too!  I'll hopefully get an update up before we travel....hopefully...

What's going on in your freezer?

See the update of this post HERE.

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