Thursday, August 4, 2011

Psalms and Proverbs

Last week, after reading the 4 Moms/Large Family Logistics posts at Raising Olives, I came up with a solution to something I had been trying to figure out for a long time.   I really struggle with having a consistent time during the day for Bible Reading time that is for enjoyment.  Not associated with school or memory work.  Just for reading and enjoying the word of God.  Aaron reads 100 Bible Heroes, 100 Bible Songs with the boys during prep for bed time, but usually I am putting Lydia to bed, or wrapping things up down stairs,  and, I really want to do something early in the day.  I have tried reading with them in my bedroom first thing, that really doesn't work.  We also tried having a story time right before school--but It doesn't seem separate for me--and I really want to teach my littles that even though we read and learn about God during school, it is separate from the time we need to spend with Him in personal study.  (I'm probably over thinking it...but it's important to me) Right now they need mommy directed help with that personal study time and developing good habits. And I have just been struggling... Anyway, when reading the 4 Moms post on Raising Olives, the author of Large Family Logistics, Kim Brenneman, mentioned making time to read the Psalms and Proverbs with your children daily.  My first thought was "when am I supposed to do that?", but then I got an idea!  While preparing for the garage sale I am having this week, I was going through some of the "school" boxes from my former classroom.  I found this wide mouth jar that I used to put Skittles in as rewards for participating in class discussion...and it came to me...use this jar, write out the Psalms and Proverbs that you want your littles to know first, and read them together each morning at breakfast.  That way, it is something that can become a good habit, it is encouraging, and they are verses I ultimately want my children to become very familiar with.  So, it's a winner!  What are you doing to teach your children a love of the Scriptures?  If you can't find the time, or just can't get in the groove (like me) maybe this idea will help.  I figure I can change out the scriptures when Christmas and Easter are near, too!  I'll post a picture of my new scripture jar when I get it finished...which will hopefully be today! 

Got an idea for sharing the scriptures with your children?  Share it with me in the comments section...I would LOVE to hear your ideas!!

FYI: I plan on ordering and reading the book soon...
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MotherHenStevens said...

Everyone in our house, except the baby, has some sort of MP3 player. My 4 y.o. Son has decided he does not need naps anymore and does not like the idea of a quiet time. So, I have decided to put bible verse songs & bible stories on the MP3 player for him to listen to in his bed at quiet time :)

Jackie said...

I love this idea, Amanda! I also struggle with this concept. Its just so easy to go along with our day and forget God. I may implement this! We are also using the Egermeirs Bible Story Book for bible time too! Love it!

lisaplus6 said...

I love your ideas. We need to add more pleasurable times to just read God's Word in our home together. Thank you for sharing with us!

Amanda said...

Thanks for visiting ladies! I'm so glad you are here! you like that Bible. We are looking for a good family Bible...what do you like/not like about it? Blessings to you ladies..I hope you'll visit again!

Proverbial Homemaker said...

Great idea! I also wanted to suggest Real Aloud Bible Stories if you aren't already familiar with them. It's not all the stories, but the kids LOVE the way it is written and illustrated. I think there are 4/5 books in the set. Well with the money for us! If I leave them out the kids will most certainly bring one to me to read or just flip through them quietly.

Amanda said...

Proverbial Homemaker, thanks for the idea...I'll definitely check those out! Great to have you visit!

Jos @ Organized Chaos said...

Love it! I'm a little behind, but will be implementing this in our house, too! Yay!

Sarah Anne said...


I love your idea of the jar of scripture! We have a large chalkboard on our wall in our dining room. We have a verse up there that we are working on memorizing as a family. We include fun "actions" to the verse and pictures on the chalkboard to help them memorize it.

Another FUN way is to use "Seeds of Faith" C.D.s. Each song on the C.D. is a bible verse- my girls LOVE to dance around and sing- so do I! There are also great resources online- printable coloring pages that go w/ the Seeds of Faith C.D.s Also, Seeds of Faith gives you 2 C.D.s for the price of 1--- they are hoping you will share the word with another family!

Lastly, we love the "Jesus Storybook Bible." It has great illustrations and every bible story points to the need of a Savior. Chadwick likes to do this with the girls in the morning--- then they often act out what the story is... It can be simple as marching around your house (pretending to be marching around the walls of Jericho).

I love your blog, have spent some time reading through it tonight. You are doing a great job Amanda- great blogger- and great mom/wife!!!