Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Driven Faith

I hope you'll join us in reading Family Driven Faith By Voddie Baucham Jr. It is a great book, in my opinion, and has completely challenged Aaron and I--in a great way.  We will be walking through the book together, and hopefully you will be walking through it with your spouse too, over the next few weeks.  Meeting back here to discuss it.  Just as we would if you were coming over to my house to fellowship.  I ask that you remember to be respectful of those who comment, that you have a respectful tone it what you post,too.  Most of all, it is my prayer that you and your spouse will draw closer together over the next few weeks and you will prayerfully consider what Voddie Baucham Jr. has to say and it's application to your family.  If you have a blog and are posting your comments on your blog, I have added a link up to the discussion, otherwise, the comment section is fine for those of you don't.  You may answer some of the questions in the study guide or none, tell what you agreed/disagreed with, or how you were challenged, etc.  You can talk about one part of the chapter or the chapter as a whole.  I am looking forward to fellowshipping with you! If you would like to read the first post/invitation you can find it here.

The first chapter was titled, The Lay of the Land.

Looking at the study guide, Voddie Baucham broke it into five main topics for the 5 days.
      1. The Church Drop Out Rate: I was shocked about the statistics on this.  I figured the amount was closer to the 50% area, but really 70-88% ---That is SO high!  For us this was a reality check in the fact that we are being watched every minute, and teaching our kids at every moment, in every area of life...we need to stay focused and teach well.  What we do now and later is SO very important. 
      2. Two Sides of Life:  I have never understood how to separate things like work and family, life and faith...for me--these things are just not meant to be separated.  Balance in the different areas of our life is absolutely essential, otherwise, it doesn't affect just us--but our entire family.  I love it when Voddie said, "It is my relationship with my wife and children that gives my walk with Christ legitimacy."  If when I die, I have nothing except for children who love and serve God...then that is ok with me.  I don't need the big house, fantastic career, or the fancy car to prove my success.  So true!
      3. Widescreen vs. Full-Screen--Aaron and I loved this analogy...we have referenced it many times since then in our discussions. 
      4. The Anti-Marriage Culture--Aaron and I talked about this quote a lot "The sin that I think besets this the sin of delaying marriage as a lifestyle option among those who intend to someday get married but they just haven't yet."  This one challenged some of our ideas...and changed some, and realigned others...What did you think of this one?
      5. The Anti-Child Culture--I/we completely believe that motherhood and fatherhood are the most important roles that God calls us to...nothing we can do anywhere else, no ministry, no blog, no work, etc....can have as much impact on a person as being a parent.  It is a life long ministry!  I was recently reading a blog, out-loud to my husband as we drove.  Being one of my favorite blogs, I was sharing with my husband and we were talking about faith and blessings...I read him the million dollar analogy from this link.  I think too often that we focus on what WE can do instead of trusting God.  Children are a blessing...

I hope you are enjoying this book too!

Blessings to you,


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Ann said...

Amanda, what a great idea! I have already read this book but I was already toying with the idea of reread. Kind of like an online small group, huh? I would love to blog about my thoughts and then link to you. I will also include a link in my post to your blog. I look forward to this adventure. Unfortunately my Husband will not be joining us, he is almost finished with his MBA and his time is completely taken up with that and work poor guy. He literally has no spare time right now, it will all be done in November and we look forward to that!

Amanda said...

Ann..that's what I was hoping!I'll look forward to reading your post. I understand the husband and school thing--we did that! Blessings!

Ann said...

So Amanda, I posted my blog on this. I used your Mr Linky but I don't see it, so I wanted to let you know that. Maybe you have it set to approval? I kind of got off on a few tangents but other than following your list of points from the discussion guide I tried not just rehash what you had said. If you need I have a blog button you can grab and post to connect us.

Will this be weekly or daily? Just wondering.

Amanda said...

hmm..i'll check out the linky...if you don't see it pop up might try it again ;) Thanks!

Kristin said...

Amanda, I am so glad you recommended this book. I have read it and now dan's reading it - it is really opening our eyes to so many issues we really never gave much thought to before. I wish I had more time to do an online discussion cause I would love to talk about it with you guys.

Ann said...

It is there now. I may have missed it, as it is a different linky than I am used to.

SisLeslie said...
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Leslie said...

I'm really enjoying reading this book. It's very thought provoking. I can agree on the spot with most of what he is saying...other things I'm having to think about a bit. It's definitely making me think, and then re-think what we are doing with our kids. Great stuff!