Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home Management

I have recently been working on my home management skills.  I can run an organized classroom and teach 25 kids at a time and put together a wedding that is beautifully decorated and goes off without a hitch, but organizing my day to day life has been a challenge, I really needed to have a plan!  I have had to be intentional, set goals, and then add on slowly.

I initially was encouraged by my friend Kristin, who has a binder with her menu plans, and recipes etc. it was/is a great binder, and inspiring binder...I thought, I should do that, I kind of planned for it, but it got lost in the list of things I want to do, probably in one of our moves.  Next, came Crystal from, she had often posted about home management when she was figuring out a system that would work for her.  At this point, I said to myself...I have got to do this!  I am totally, completely, 100% a list person.  I love lists, goals, and direction...why wouldn't I do this.  At that point in my life, approximately a year ago, I had just moved, had a baby, and was figuring out my "new normal"  so there really wasn't a plan to my day yet.  From there I got Lydia on a schedule and sleeping through the night, slipped into a rhythm with Bible Study, and then--we moved again.  I got the ebook 31 Days to Clean and thought I am still unpacking big time...I can't do this now.  Recently, I have been working on figuring out a system that works for me...I've been consulting Crystal's household management forms,  and the home keeping schedule at the Time Warp Wife, I was sure I was ready to begin.  After all...I really need to get this now...while I only have 3 littles...I can't imagine still dealing with this and trying to still figure this out when I have more.

4 Moms has been doing a series on the book Large Family Logistics and I decided that this was my excuse to buy the book.  After all, we already have a larger than average family.

The Large Family Logistics discussion this week is about ordering your week...again I am confronted with my procrastination in this area of my family management.  (I thought I was done with this extreme procrastination when I graduated from college.)  I am really going to do it!  I have a pretty binder that I got through an Eversave Deal, I am printing off a couple of forms and really working on my home management skills and I am ready to more just talking about it.

This is what I plan to include in my binder:
My Homekeeping Schedule
Freezer cooking menus/plans
Recipes, the common ones
A master shopping list
Contact info, addresses, email addresses, etc.
I even plan on putting an area in of fun things to do with my kiddos, crafts, projects, outings, etc., so I can just tear a page out of a magazine or print it of the computer and have an organizational someplace for the mess.

I really do love doing these things for my family, and wouldn't have it any other way.  I just need to be better at it!  So, here goes nothin! Check in with me in a few weeks...I think I need a little accountability in this area! How do you manage your home?

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trooppetrie said...

I have been working on my schedul using managers of there homes and it has been neat to see that i have more time than i thought

Amanda said...

absolutely! I know I just need to be a better user of my time...I really can do this! Thanks for visiting! Blessings!