Monday, May 16, 2011


Silas is my most vocal child...he will talk your ear off and loves to repeat himself.  He is Levi's best bubby and so protective of Lydia...he is such a great brother!  However, with my little talker, I often encourage him to practice his pronunciation.  You see...we have no shortage of V words in our world...we have a Violet (our dog), Levi, and a friend Ava. Silas pronunciation= Biolet...Veeli...Via...I try to encourage him to say VV, Violet...and he repeats "VV vbiolet" or Leeevi...and he repeats "LLVeeli".  He is such a funny boy!  Our other pronunciation practice often comes with the word sounds like "ninger"...I say FF finger and he repeats...."FF Fninger".  We'll keep practicing! His favorite phrase this week is "that sounds like a good idea, mommy...good idea" and of course his other signature phrases..."sure mommy, sure" and "actually, ...".  Such an awesome boy! I love him!(and of course, all of my littles)


Homestead Living said...

Your children are beautiful!

Amanda said...

Thank you!