Monday, May 16, 2011

A Biking Adventure!

Aaron and I both have made separate goals for this year.  Mine is to be more active and to loose weight--I lost 4.2 lbs last week.  Aaron loves to bike and has been doing it, and even dragging the boys in the trailer, for a few years now.  I have resolved to participate in these adventures this year.  This weekend we rode in our first family, organized ride.  Aaron's parents were here and did the ride too.  I didn't have to pull Lydia, Aaron's dad did that, thankfully!  We had a great was only a 20 mile ride, but it was nice...and I did it, not only did it...but did it with my awesome family! We have quite a few rides scheduled for the summer...and now I am a little more excited to do them! 

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