Monday, October 25, 2010

A wonderful fall weekend!

I have quite a few blogs that I read often...mostly to I feel like they help me be a better mommy. Some are organizational, some inspiring, but most of them are recipes and meal planning blogs. I ran across a new one and I just love it! It is called Delicious Dishings. This weekend I made her Hearty, Herby Minestrone. It was very good! I love soup and Aaron isn't a big fan of veggie soups--but I make them a lot, he said this was his favorite I have made! You should try it if you get a chance. I didn't add the greenbeans like she did, but added 2X the zucchini and I ran out of plain tomatoes, so I added a can of tomatoes with made it a bit spicy, but good. I also made her Apple Cider Doughnuts on Sunday morning, because we had guests this weekend and I thought it would make a ton...and it did. They were awesome! The recipe is a lot of work, so it is not a throw together meal, but I think I'll probably make it a few times a year. I made the dough the night before and we cooked them (aaron helped) Sunday morning before church. He fried them up and I made the glaze. They were fantastic! We ate them again today (monday) and they were still good. It is a good recipe..not your typical yucky home doughnut recipe.

Overall it was a busy weekend for us! We we went swimming at the YMCA on Friday night. Then, on Saturday, Aaron and the boys went to a friends house for a Combine ride...they are still harvesting corn and they rode in the cab just about all day. They were so excited! SO much fun! They also got to see the cows up close and personal and loved them... Silas is now affectionately calling the cows behind our house "his" cows..."my cows" are out today mommy! We had dinner with Kevin and Ranee Saturday night at the Canyon Inn at McCormick's was soo yummy! Sunday after church and naps, we went to Bloomington to a pumpkin patch to get the boys pumpkins, had ice cream at Sonic, and went to Michael's to get some ribbon. I love weekends together and I am totally in love with my amazing family! Hope your fall has been as fantastic as ours!

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