Sunday, September 12, 2010

A relaxing Sunday afternoon!

So, recently I have found some amazing blogs that inspire and encourage me. I plan on checking out the curriculum swap at Heavenly Homemakers tomorrow and am hopefully am very successful. I also have found some great recipes there via Meal Planning Mommies, another favorite blog. Another recent find is Two Peas and Their many great recipes are there. And finally...August Fields...encourages me too!

Thankfully my mom is here, which frees me up do have some me time...which is cooking and blogging. So, today I will be making Zucchini is the recipe! When zucchini bread was in its prime this summer, before the dry spell and our new baby, i shredded, bagged, and froze zucchini for baking at a later is the day. I will also be making banana mom's is a favorite around here! For dinner, I am making pizza pockets...a recipe from Heavenly Homemakers...posted here on meal planning mommies blog. Looks good...we'll see how it goes! I am also planning on making double and freezing some. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday with your family and had a blessed day!


Kristin said...

Are you going to homeschool? I really want to give it a try. I have found this blog to have lots and lots of great ready made pre-k materials. I've started printing things off and need to start a big file box of curriculum. It's and then there are lots of links from there as well.

Amanda said...

Yes, I plan to home school. I like homeschoolcreations, but I also like and I think you might too!