Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sleep is something I have come to cherish since the birth of my children. They started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks and 9 weeks and it has been a beautiful thing ever since. However...the transition to twin beds has not been an easy road. I really liked it when my children were "caged" in the cribs and not able to get out. Since they can now get out of the beds...our nights and naptime are pure torture! let's take last night for instance--finally...after sitting at their door to make sure they don't join one another in bed, conspire to get toys out, or jump on the beds...they went to sleep after an hour of laying down. At approximately, 2:00 I hear Levi crying--now mind you I put a gate at their door so they can't get out--so I have to respond to him because he can't just come see me. So...I sent Aaron! Levi had pooped and Aaron took care of it--thankfully! However, Levi doesn't just go back to sleep--he'll just lay there and you'll think he's asleep and then he'll sit up to talk to you when you go to leave. Then...Silas woke up--he had to peepee Aaron was still in there sleeping so he brought him out to me! As I was changing his diaper and taking care of his business--in walks Levi with the cheesiest smile ever--as he was so glad to be able to come into mommy and daddy's room. Aaron took Silas to his bed and I kept Levi with me. Somewhere around 5:00 the boys were both still awake and Aaron and I hadn't slept since 2:00..Finally they went to sleep and we did too--the alarm went off at 5:45. All I could keep thinking is--I am going to have a newborn soon---and I actually thought she might be easier than this...right!?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Back!

Ok...so after a long break in blogging, a job, and a move to a new state....I am ready to start blogging again...I think! As of right now, I am 37 weeks pregnant with our third child, and staying at home again, and think I can get into blogging again! We have been trying to visit a new park each week...this picture is at our most recent find! So much fun! It had lots of big slides and fun swings! I was 36 weeks pregnant in this picture!

The boys have grown up so much! These are recent pictures of them at the park near our home! Nightly, the boys go there after their bike ride with daddy. These are during a recent visit when Aaron's parents were here.